Realizing high accuracies,
low costs and short delivery schedules.

Equipment that can accurately and effectively create designed drawings into shapes is essential for realizing high accuracies, low costs and short delivery schedules. GOHSYU has developed various original equipment including dedicated plastic working systems and dedicated jigs, etc. In addition, we have combined plastic working and machine working, and developed an automatic inspection system, etc.

Forging forming equipment

Hot forging forming line

  • Large forging forming line (2000-4000 tons) 6 lines
  • Medium forging forming line (1600-2000 tons) 3 lines
  • Small forging forming lines (600-1000 tons) 3 lines

Total production capacity: 5,000,000 pieces/month

Cold forging forming line

  • 340-ton former line 1 line
  • Flow forming line 3 lines

Production capacity: 3,100,000 pieces

Cold sizing line

  • Large forming line (630-1600 tons) 7 lines
  • Small forming lines (200-600 tons) 10 lines

Heat processing equipment

Through 100% in-house manufacturing, we ensure the mechanical properties and machine workability of our products, and establish quality assurance.

Heat treatment of materials

Heat treatment of finished products

Die production equipment

Original know-how lets us quickly convert designs into 3D shapes, and the high precision and low costs production achieved by our Forming Department allows us to manufacture our main dies in-house.

  • Direct machining tool 8 units
  • Die-sinking electrical discharge machine 13 units
  • Wire-cut electrical discharge machine 4 units
  • Laser processing machine 1 unit
  • Non-contact 3D measuring unit 1 unit
  • 3D CAD/CAM 5 units
  • Others

Technical Design Equipment

We are developing highly accurate operation designs by unifying our systems from 2D to 3D and by incorporating a CAE system that enables preliminary verification.

  • 2D CAD Auto CAD
  • 3D CAD Unigraphics

Main Inspection and Testing Equipment

We have a system to speedily and accurately evaluate the required product functions.

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Contracer (shape measuring system)
  • Surftest (surface roughness measuring system)
  • Roundness measuring system
  • Shape projector
  • Engagement tester for bevel gears
  • Tension testing machine
  • Charpy impact testing machine
  • Vickers hardness tester
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Microscope

For information on products:

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