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We have realised to make strong, light and high precision forging parts.

We have realised to make strong, light and high precision forging parts with GOHSYU’s original system and plastic processing technology.
Also we can meet various needs of customers immidiately with our wide range of forming method.
Moreover we try to make all losses into zero and propose such attractive products as are not only high quanlity and low cost but also energy saving and recycling.

Plastic Forming Tchnology

Formation of inner/outer teeth for INV.S with bottom

The inner and outer INV.s are simultaneously formed on a thin and bottomed product using cold forging. Even cylinder or cup shapes with inner and outer INV.s, our compound forming technology allows us to reduce costs by eliminating net shaping and teeth cutting.


Product examples

Input shaft, output shaft

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Hot forging

We utilized our vast know-how and analysis technology to create complicated shapes with optimum hot forging forming process. A combination of material development suitable for processing heat treatment and hot forging forming process realizes part characteristics with high strength and outstanding machinability.


Product examples

Crank shaft, axle shaft, steering knuckle, connecting rod, oil pump gear, CVT shaft

Cold forging

We have pursued optimum forming technology using analysis technology, have developed machining equipment, and have established advanced die manufacturing technology to develop highly accurate net shapes with low costs and short delivery schedules.


Product examples

Valve spring retainer,housing coupling,direct drum clutch

Warm forging

Warm forging technology that apply the features of both hot and cold forging allow us to create net or near-net shapes.


Product examples

Journal, inner ring, bevel gears, outer race, variable rack

Compound forming

To support diverse product needs, we have created our original machining system that combines plastic technology and machine technology. This is our proposal for reducing costs for complicated machined components.


Product examples

Input shaft, coupling

Hot-cold forming

Complicated net shapes are realized with an optimum balance of hot and cold forging forming rates. In anticipation of our user's needs, we have established a comprehensive technology that extends to completion of components.


Product examples

Speed gear,parking gear,synchronizer sleeve

New processing heat treatment

This energy-saving type heat treatment series improves both product function and machinability, while achieving environment conservation and low costs. This is a new processing heat treatment we have originally developed, and is already in mass production.

FIR (Forged Isothermal Refining)

This is a new heat treatment technology. The machinability is improved with microalloy steel, and the mechanical performance is improved with a refined ferrite + perlite structure. This allows carbonitrides in the ferrite to be separated using the forging heat and soaking. This technology a tensile strength (T.S.) of 850N/mm2 or more, a yield ratio (Y.R.) of 0.75-0.85, and the properties equivalent to quenching and tempering to be achieved. (Patent published)

FIA (Forged Isothermal Annealing)

This is a processing heat treatment that converts low carbon steel and case-hardening steel into a complete refined ferrite + perlite structure suitable for recent high-speed cutting methods. The energy retained during hot forging technology can be used for the soaking process.

FQT (Forged Quenching and Tempering)

This is a direct quenching and tempering technology that uses the energy retained during hot forging of medium to high carbon steel. The structure is converted into a complete sorbite and allows strong mechanical properties with high toughness to be achieved.

Research & Development

GOHSYU carries out research and development from various aspects. We have applied our forming technology, accuracy as well as the material's properties such as the inner structure. We have exceeded the traditional boundary of forging, and have carried out research and development that foresees the product function and final machining. We have strived to reduce costs through development and automation of equipment that matches each process. GOHSYU has also acquired many patents. We will continue to be a proposal type company with research and development that anticipates future needs.

patents have been
published since 1994

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