An Invariable and Challenging SPIRITS

GOHSYU is a proposal type company that foresees needs. We combine this regularly and organically with our advanced technical capabilities based on research and development that visualizes the future. This is the basis of GOHSYU's SPIRITS.
Our engineering group applies this SPIRITS and utilizes new machining methods and new materials to realize high precision, low cost and short delivery schedules.

GOHSYU's SPIRITS continues to evolve while absorbing our original cutting edge technology and information.


Plastic Forming Technology /
Research & Development

By implementing Gohsyu`s original plastic forming technology, we create strong, light, and high-precision products.
Also, through our wide range of molding methods, we can provide an immediate support to our clients` diverse needs.
We offer high-quality low-cost products by eliminating all loss.

Production & Quality Control

An essential issue in realizing highly efficient manufacturing is the elimination of various losses. It is vital to take a look at the workshop, anticipate needs and move speedily.

Self-developed Equipment & System

Equipment that can accurately and effectively create designed drawings into shapes is essential for realizing high accuracies, low costs and short delivery schedules.

For information on products:

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