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Address 1-1, 2-chome Ishibemidoridai, Konan-shi, Shiga Prefecture 520-3189
TEL +81-748-77-3110 / FAX +81-748-77-2204
Establishment November 5, 1946
Capital 100 million yen
Employees 350 persons
Chairman Mitsuhiro Goto
President Daisuke Hayashi
Line of Business Precision die forged products (Hot forging, warm forging, cold forging, rotary forming)
Machined parts
Dies (for forging, etc.)
(for automobiles, motorcycles, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, machine tools)
Main Stockholders 100% subsidiary of GOHSYU Holdings CORPORATION
Main Banks Shiga Bank Kusatsu Branch, Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Kyoto-Chuo Branch, Mizuho Bank Kyoto Chuo Branch

Main Customers

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  Single sales Consolidated sales
2009 13,500billion yen 28,000billion yen
2010 17,400billion yen 28,072billion yen
2011 20,400billion yen 32,666billion yen
2012 21,100billion yen 31,897billion yen
2013 23,205billion yen 36,324billion yen
2014 19,984billion yen 41,536billion yen
2015 20,824billion yen 41,916billion yen
2016 20,408billion yen 45,603billion yen
2017 20,223billion yen 49,982billion yen
2018 21,035billion yen 52,076billion yen
2019 20,098billion yen 51,109billion yen

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TEL.+81-748-77-3110 FAX.+81-748-77-2204


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